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Utilizing Targeted Marketing & PR for Successful KT

  • Burke, Jana


Knowledge translation techniques


Stakeholders with ADA compliance responsibilities have become more sophisticated in their information needs over the last two decades. This presentation highlights targeted PR and marketing techniques used for ADA KT and information dissemination. 


The Rocky Mountain ADA Center employs a variety of techniques for engagement of our stakeholder audiences. Since 2010, the Center has significantly expanded it's use of public relations and marketing strategies to outreach to targeted industries and populations. In collaboration with a PR firm in Region 8, the Center has successfully launched several direct PR campaigns. These comprehensive campaigns included direct outreach, materials development, social media, traditional media relations, and other strategies to increase knowledge translation activities with identified groups including child care providers and building professionals (architects, code officials, and contractors). This presentation will discuss successful PR/marketing strategies for KT and lessons learned for using these tools for dissemination.