American Indian Studies
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Alexandra "Sasha" Harmon

Dr. Alexandra "Sasha" Harmon has been teaching in the American Indian Studies Program since 1995. Dr. Harmon recieved her B.A. from Stanford University in 1966. In 1972 she graduated from Yale Law School and began working as an advisor to Indian tribes in Washington State, which she did for over 15 years. She returned to school in 1988 to pursue graduate studies at the University of Washington. Dr. Harmon received her Ph.D. in History in 1995.

Dr. Harmon's research examines histories of American Indians, with specific attention to their relations with non-Indians, to changing legal cultures, to ethnic, racial, and tribal identities, and to influences of and changes in economic cultures.

Dr. Harmon has published numerous articles on Indian history and Indian treaty history as well as articles on the history of Indians in the Puget Sound Region. In 1998 she published her book, Indians in the Making: Ethnic Relations and Indian Identities around the Puget Sound,which won the 1999 Washington Governor's Writer's Award. Dr. Harmon's most recent book, Rich Indians: Native People and the Problem of Wealth in American History, analyzes several instances in the past when Indians have had substantial wealth and focuses specifically on the consequent public discourses concerning economic culture and morality, power, and Indian identity.

To access Dr. Harmon's Curriculum Vitae please click here.

Dr. Harmon teaches:

AIS 201 - Introduction to American Indian Histories
AIS 330 - U.S. - Indian Relations
AIS 331 - American Indian History to 1840 (Joint listed with HSTAA 331)
AIS 332 - American Indian History Since 1840 (Joint listed with HSTAA 332)
AIS 335 - American Indians and the Law
AIS 370 - Researching Indians' History Joint listed with (HSTAA 315)
AIS 425 - Indians in Western Washington History (HSTAA 417)
AIS 446 - American Indian Economic History (HSTAA 446)
HSTAA 517 - Graduate Field Course in American Indian History