Preface to Class of Aplacophora

Photo: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Literal meaning: Without plates

Common name: Solengaster
Shell: There is no shell, however spicules may be embedded in the cuticle.

Animal: The body shape is worm-like. With the exception of a ventral groove, the mantle covers the entire body.
  • The foot, if present, is small and narrow.
  • The body lacks a head.
  • A primitive radula is present.

    Habitat: Specimens live in the mud from shallow to deep waters although they are most often found in the deeper waters.

    Food: The Aplacophorans work the bottom sediment or feed on Coelenterates.

    Reference: Class - Aplacophora

    {The Solenogasters} H. v. Ihering, 1876

    Syn. Amphineura in part
    Ref. Abbott, 1989 p 407

    Some taxonomists refer to Class Amphineura with Aplacophora being a subclass. This index recognizes Aplacophora as a separate class. References for Amphineura are: Keen, 1971 p 19, 859 and Keen & Coan, 1974 p 148.