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Current Projects

The Svoboda Diaries Project: The Joseph Mathia Svoboda Diaries project is the multi-media publication of available diaries remaining from a collection of diaries kept by Baghdad resident J. M. Svoboda (date), from 1862 to 1908. The project offers a web version containing a side-by-side transcription of the original Arabic text and an English translation by Nowf Allawi, with annotation and one-click access to images of the original text. A print-on-demand version published by Newbook Digital Texts in the Humanities, edited by Walter G. Andrews and Nowf Allawi, is printed and distributed by the University of Washington Bookstore under the title "From Bagdad to Paris: 1897, Journal of a Journey to Europe by Land via Damascus and Beirut" (2013).

Emma B. Andrews Diaries: Emma B. Andrews is best remembered for her association with the millionaire lawyer turned archaeologist/art and antiquities collector, Theodore M. Davis. Traveling to Egypt with him between 1889 and 1912, she kept detailed journals of these voyages along the Nile, including his important yet under-reported excavations of 20 significant tombs in the Valley of the Kings. Emma provides a vital commentary on the archaeology and pioneering Egyptologists of the time. She paints a revealing picture of the lives of the colonial gentry and the cultural and scientific literati in Egypt at the dawn of the twentieth century. Her diaries are unpublished; the digitization and analysis of the 19 volumes will afford scholars and a general audience ready access to an important historical resource for the first time.

Georgian Digital Text Collective: Dedicated to presenting Georgian literature and culture to a worldwide audience, the Georgian Digital Text Collective offers selected works of Georgian literature in dual- and /or tri-lingual format, thereby allowing non-Georgian speaking audiences an opportunity to appreciate the rich cultural heritage of this fascinating country. The site also includes images of Georgia, general resources about the country's culture and history, as well as links to historical sources and information about the greater Black Sea Region.

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If you have a scholarly project that you think might be suitable for Newbook Digital Texts in the Humanities publications and are interested in joining, please contact one of the current directors, Walter Andrews, Mary Childs, or Sarah Ketchley.

We are committed to making our technology and tools accessible to all compatible projects, though we do have two levels of sharing. At the first level, are the tools and technologies that anyone can acquire from our website. At the second level, once a project has passed through our editorial review process, including a peer review, it can bear our logo, be displayed on our publication website, and have access to our marketing services.