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Technology & Tools


The tools and technology used by Newbook Digital Texts in the Humanities make-up a "clear path to output" process for texts prepared in a modified version of the Test Encoding Initiative (TEI) document encoding type. The goal of this process is to produce well-formed, valid, structured data from literary, historical, pedagogical, and other sources in multiple languages and scripts not readily available in print.

NDTH uses a set of freely available open-source tools, tools developed by NDTH, or commercial software freely available for non-commercial projects, e.g., Cladonia Software Exchanger XML editor), which can be used in a three phase process:

  1. Producing generic auto-tagged texts to create TEI conforming XML output
  2. Customizing the TEI encoded text for individual projects
  3. Processing TEI tagged texts to create standardized output for Web and Print

Tools and Samples: The Newbook Process

Below is a link to a sample document that can be used with the tools above to produce output. It may also be used as a model for marking-up your own data for use with our tools.

Further details are available on our GitHub.


The software tools listed below are readily available from sources on the Internet. Scripts and document samples developed by NDTH can be downloaded from this site. (hyperlinks to all of the following)