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Welcome to Near Eastern Languages and Civilization


The NELC department has moved back to

Denny Hall.

The main office is located on the main floor in 220D.



Winter Quarter Courses:

Registration for Winter Quarter is open! Explore the interesting courses and many languages the NELC department offers on our Facebook page or visit the UW Time Schedule for a complete listing of our offerings.


NELC is back to its renewed original home for fall 2016:

After being located in Condon Hall for a year, NELC has returned to its original home in Denny Hall. We are very excited to share this renewed building with our fellow faculty, students, staff and friends of NELC.

Originally completed in 1895,and underwent a major renovation first in 1956-57, Denny Hall is now home to a wide array of high-tech rooms, meeting spaces, and resources. On the first weeks of this Autumn quarter one could find NELC's faculty members settling into their new offices, students roaming the halls in appreciation, and staff striving to support growth in the new Denny.

As buildings are given new life by the people who inhabit them, the interior of Denny all has transformed to reflect the growing needs of students and faculty. Denny Hall will continue to evolve in a manner which reflects its legacy as the first building on UW Campus. We are honored to be in Denny Hall, along with Anthropology, Classics, Germanics and Language Learning Center.

When you have a free moment, give yourself a treat and visit the new clean, sleek, open interiors of the new Denny Hall.



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