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Host, Artist Residency

Art can provide an opening into abstract material and a bridge between academic and public spheres. This NSF-funded residency (IOS-1539834) brings a local artist into the Nemhauser Lab for one quarter in each of the three years of the grant. In this “immersion” experience, the artist has a desk in the lab and participates in lab meetings, department seminars and journal clubs. In the year following their residency, the artist produces at least one work inspired by their experience. These artworks will be incorporated into future classes. By collaborating with an artist in this way, we hope to discover novel ways to help students access abstract concepts and encourage a more nuanced exploration of modern biology by artists.

Year 1: Claire CowieWatch Claire’s seminar 2/3/2017

Year 2: Kate Thompson

Deed of Gift

Deed of Gift is an art project by Matthew Offenbacher and Jennifer Nemhauser that takes the form of a collection of artworks given to the Seattle Art Museum for their permanent collection. The artworks were purchased using proceeds from the Neddy at Cornish Award in Painting, which Offenbacher received in 2013. Working closely with Catharina Manchanda, SAM’s Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, Offenbacher and Nemhauser tailored their acquisitions to needs of the museum, with a particular emphasis on feminist and queer themes.

Other Projects

Keynote Speaker, ComSciConPNWDownload slides from the talk

Lecture, Art Cont'd, Seattle Art Museum

Lecture, UW Sandbox, Art + STEM

Tour Guide, Seattle Art Museum, Olympic Sculpture Park, My Favorite Things

Collaborated with playwright Bryan Willis, Thought Experiments on the Question of Being Human: Four Plays on Genetics and Synthetic Biology

Host, Artist Residency, Rebecca Cummins, Assoc. Prof. UW Art

Contributor, Hamer Dodd’s Equilibrium at the 2013 International Symposium on Plant Photobiology

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