Dialysis Fellowship

The Division of Nephrology at the University of Washington offers a Dialysis Fellowship recognized by the International Society of Hemodialysis (ISHD) as a formal Advanced Nephrology Dialysis Fellowship (academic/research track).

The Advanced Nephrology Dialysis Fellowship at University of Washington, founded in 2007, is a unique opportunity to train those who have already completed education in an accredited nephrology fellowship training program as dialysis experts. The year-long advanced clinical research fellowship track allows trainees to conduct research in the dialysis field and gain advanced training in dialysis techniques. Trainees will also have access to a multidisciplinary team of experts in the field of dialysis to learn from. Recognizing the importance of increased involvement of the nephrologist in the dialytic care of the patients, the Center for Medical Services (CMS) has emphasized the central role of the medical director in the dialysis facility. The Medical Director is responsible for the quality of care of all patients, the quality of technical services such as water treatment in the facility and the continued education of dialysis unit staff. Thus, there is a need for advanced training in the field of dialysis to improve quality of care and to train nephrologists in the regulatory aspects central to the provision of dialysis care so that they can fulfill the role of the medical directors of dialysis facilities. In addition, the dialysis fellowship seeks to develop a new cohort of clinician researchers who are interested in developing new and innovative technology in the field of dialysis.

The program is expected to raise the level of technical expertise in the field of dialysis and generate innovative research advances in the field. It is our hope that fellows will disseminate novel approaches to the care of dialysis patients and become leaders in academic, clinical and administrative fields.

Advanced Dialysis Fellowship, Hemodialysis International 2014; 18:S52-S54


This 12 month fellowship is offered to those who have completed a formal ACGME Nephrology Fellowship Training Program, and who are Nephrology board eligible.