Nephrology fellowship - How to Apply

ERAS - Electronic Residency Application System

The Division of Nephrology will participate in the Matching Program for the 2017 appointment year. Applications for 2017 positions will be accepted exclusively through ERAS and will be reviewed in July 2016.

Interviews will take place on the following Fridays in 2016: Sep 9, 16, 23; Oct 7, 14

Timeline for Match Conducted in 2016; Appointment Year 2017

Aug 31 (12 noon EST): Match opens

Oct 5 (12 noon EST): Rank order list submission begins for programs and applicants.

Nov 2 (11:59 PM EST): Quota change deadline. Programs must submit final information on quotas and withdrawals.

Nov 16 (9:00PM EST): Rank order list deadline. Applicants and programs must certify their rank order list by this date and time.

Dec 7 (12 noon EST): Match Day! Filled and unfilled results for individual programs are posted to the web. Information on matched and unmatched applicants is posted to the web. Locations of all unfilled positions are released to applicants. Unmatched applicants may begin contacting unfilled programs.


Division of Nephrology Fellowship applications will be accepted exclusively through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS).  The applications are downloaded from ERAS in July for positions opening almost 12 months later in July (e.g., July 2016 review for July 1, 2017 start date).

Application materials and information can be found at:

Another useful information sheet (includes timelines):

We request applicants to submit 3 letters of recommendation, including one from the Internal Medicine Program Director during your internship and/or residency. No additional information is requested other than what is submitted through ERAS.

The fellowship selection committee will screen applications.  Candidates whose qualifications appear to be a good match for our program will receive an email invitation to arrange a visit to Seattle for a day of interviews with Dr. Bilal Malik, Program Director, and other faculty in the Division of Nephrology.

The University of Washington is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.  We are strongly committed to increasing the number of underrepresented minorities entering careers in academic nephrology.  To this end, we strongly encourage applications of minority candidates to our program.

Additional information about the Nephrology Fellowship Training Program can be addressed to:

Suzanne Patterson
Fellowship Program Administrator
University of Washington
Division of Nephrology
Box 356521
Seattle, WA 98195