Nephrology fellowship - Mentoring Program

The Nephrology Mentoring Program is designed to provide each fellow a supportive, nurturing and confidential relationship with a faculty member within the division. This Mentor is distinct from the Research Advisor and Training Program Director. In general, the mentoring relationship lasts throughout a fellowship, although, on occasion, the mentoring pair may change to fit the needs and interest of the fellow. Fellows will choose a Mentor during the fall of their clinical year.

Handbook Table of Content

  • Introduction
    • Basic Timeline and Structure of the Program
    • What Should I Be Reading
    • Web Resources for the Clinical Years and Beyond
  • Research Years National Conferences
    • Grant Options for Salary Support
    • Writing a Grant During the 1st or 2nd Research Year
    • Writing a Grant During the 3rd Research Year
    • Navigating the NIH Website
  • For the Basic Research Fellow
    • Goals of the Research Fellowship
    • Expectations, Suggestions & Discouraged Activities
    • Questions for Fellows to Ask Potential Research Advisors
    • Approvals & Training
    • Useful UW Resources for the Basic Researcher
    • Recommended Bibliography
  • For the Clinical Research Fellow Goals for the Clinical Research Fellowship
    • Common Research Activities
    • The Research Question
    • Questions for Fellows to Ask Potential Clinical Research Advisors
    • Expectations, Suggestions & Discouraged Activities
    • Important Questions about a Masters Degree School of Public Health
    • Examples of Some of the Core Courses for Physician-Fellows
    • Course Registration and Other Course Related Activities
    • Phone Numbers
    • Recommended Bibliography

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