Nephrology fellowship - Mentoring Program

The Nephrology Mentoring Program is designed to provide each fellow a supportive, nurturing and confidential relationship with a faculty member within the division. This Mentor is distinct from the Research Advisor and Training Program Director. In general, the mentoring relationship lasts throughout a fellowship, although, on occasion, the mentoring pair may change to fit the needs and interest of the fellow. Fellows will choose a Mentor during the fall of their clinical year.

Mentoring Handbook

  • Mentors Will
    • Provide guidance for the mentee, by helping them define and clarify their career goals
    • Help mentees articulate and analyze work-related issues and problems in a professional and impartial manner
    • Share their knowledge and skills, provide encouragement and support
    • Maintain confidentiality
    • Foster a positive and constructive approach to career development
    • Will not assume total responsibility for the growth and development of the mentoring relationship
    • Will be open to supporting their mentees in areas outside of the hospital such as family matters
  • Mentees Will
    • Work with their mentor to achieve a mutually agreed upon set of goals and expectations for the mentoring relationship
    • Assume responsibility for defining and pursuing their professional goals
    • Be open to praise and constructive criticism
    • Be honest with their mentor regarding professional stressors and challenges

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