Investigators - Clinical/Translational - ahmad

Suhail Ahmad, MD

Project 1: Liver Dialysis Machine

The only machine of its kind, the modified albumin liver dialysis machine is currently being used to dialyze patients who are critically ill with liver failure and are requiring dialysis. The procedure is being used as a bridge to liver transplantation.

Project 2: Delivery of genetic therapy, nutrition and gases by dialysis

A novelĀ  method to deliver therapeutic material, nutrition and gases to isolated parts/organs of the body.

Project 3: Electrolyzed Water in Dialysis

Electrolyzed water used during dialysis has been reported to modify inflammatory responses. The process of making electrolyzed water and method to use it for dialysis is being developed.

Project 4: Online Hemodiafiltration in the Outpatient Setting

Online hemodiafiltration is being used in out- patient setting and its impact is being monitored on quality indicators.

Project 5: Acute Kidney Injury Outcomes

This study seeks to determine the outcome of patients with acute kidney injuries who dialyze in out patient setting to determine the outcome in terms of renal and patient survival.

Project 6: Impact of systematic approach to diagnosis and management of severe hypertension in outpatient setting.


PubMed provides a list of Dr. Ahmad's research publications