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Yoshio Hall, MD, MS

Project 1: Chronic kidney disease in disadvantaged populations

This proposal seeks to characterize the structure and outcomes of care for patients with CKD who are evaluated within safety net health systems. The central hypothesis is that disadvantage patients have prevalent risk factors that place them at higher risk for developing progressive kidney disease compared with counterparts in other US healthcare settings.

Project 2: Disparities in end-stage renal disease among underserved populations

The goals of this proposal are to evaluate a series of risk prediction tools for end-stage renal disease that can be applied to patients with CKD from the urban healthcare safety-net. The central hypothesis is that existing risk predictive tools do not adequate capture ESRD risk in underserved populations because of their development in predominantly older, sociodemographically homogeneous populations.

Current Funding

NIH/NIDDK K23 DK087900 (PI: Hall)
"Chronic kidney disease in disadvantaged populations"

NIH/NIDDK R03 DK099487 (PI: Hall)
"Processes and outcomes for chronic kidney disease in the urban poor"

Seattle Institute for Biomedical and Clinical Research (PI: Hall)
"Functional health literacy and chronic kidney disease"

Recently Completed Funding

Satellite Healthcare Norman S. Coplon Extramural Research Grant (PI: Hall)
"Disparities in end-stage renal disease among underserved populations"
To analyze national end-stage renal disease data and assess the influence of multi-level factors such as residential neighborhood, linguistic isolation, and dialysis facility performance on individual-level outcomes i including access to chronic kidney disease care among US racial-ethnic minority groups.

Current Research Members

Marlena Maziarz: Ms. Maziarz is a Doctoral degree candidate (PhD) in the Department of Biostatistics who provides part-time project support for study data organization, analysis, presentation and dissemination of study results.

Thy Do, PhD: Dr. Thy Do is a pharmacoepidemiologist who provides intermittent project support for study design; data manipulation and analysis; and presentation and dissemination of study results.


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