Graduate Program in Neuroscience

August 14, 2019

Brain Power in the Seattle Times with Jeff Ojemann, Jonathan Ting, and Ed Lein

In the June 23rd edition of “Pacific NW” from the Seattle Times, an article entitled Brain Power¬†was featured for the work that Seattle Neuroscientists are completing together. BRain Power focuses on the extraction of live brain tissue and the journey that this tissue then takes to be examined by a separate group of Neuroscientists to utilize human brains rather than mice brains in research. The process follows UW Neuroscience faculty Dr. Jeff Ojemann and the process that he goes through to extract living brain tissue, to the transport of this tissue to fellow Neuro faculty members, Dr. Jonathan Ting and Dr. Ed Lein at the Allen Institute. Their at the Allen, the article goes into great detail about the research that is then completed by some of our current faculty members and it discusses the large scale that this allows them to research. Make sure to check out the Brain Power and congratulate these faculty members on the amazing work that they are completing in Seattle!