Graduate Program in Neuroscience

Academic Progress


All Neuroscience students must:

  • Maintain at least a 3.0 GPA throughout their graduate career.
  • Receive at least 2.7 in any course (400-500 level) taken during their graduate studies.
  • Any student who falls below 3.0 GPA for a quarter or for a cumulative average will be listed on the quarterly Low Scholarship Report.It will be at the discretion of the Graduate Training Committee and/or the Directors whether or not inclusion on this Report will result in any action.

Grades are due from the instructor the first Tuesday after the end of a quarter. Grades are available for view via MyUW within a few days.  Please note that not all instructors meet the Tuesday deadline. If the deadline is missed, it may take at least one week before the grade will be posted. Neuroscience administrative staff monitor grade reporting and will let students know if there are any problems with submitted grades.

All incompletes must be resolved with the instructor by the end of the following quarter. We recommend that students not wait until the deadline, but address it as soon as possible, because it is the student’s responsibility to resolve the Incomplete and not the instructor’s responsibility.

  • Failure to resolve the Incomplete within the prescribed deadline will result in a permanent mark on the student’s transcripts.
  • Failure to resolve the Incomplete within two years will result in a failing grade.

 Yearly Reporting

Item Program Year Deadline Action Items
Yearly Student Audit 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th First Day of Fall Quarter. Neuro Office will send an audit notice to students about missing components.
Annual IDP update/Progress Report 3rd, 4th, 5th Before scheduled Annual Committee Meeting Review Previous years IDP for review at Annual Supervisory Committee Meeting.
Annual Supervisory Committee Meeting 3rd, 4th, 5th Last Day of Spring Quarter Schedule Annual Supervisory Committee Meeting (GSR does not need to attend). Upload to Google Drive the updated IDP/Progress Report to Neuro Office no later than 2 weeks after annual committee meeting.
Students Annual Faculty Evaluation 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Last Day of Spring Quarter Faculty will turn in form to Neuro Office no later then 2 weeks after annual committee meeting. Evaluation will be uploaded to students Google Drive Neuro Mail Box


Satisfactory progress is not only a matter of maintaining a satisfactory (3.0) GPA. The Neuroscience Program also expects that students will reach their academic milestones in a timely manner (see Neuroscience Milestones).

Any student who is judged not to be making satisfactory progress may be reviewed by the Graduate Training Committee and the Directors at any time, and action will be taken to address the lack of progress. Failure to meet established milestones may result in: Program probation and if not resolved to the satisfaction of the Directors, formal sanctions and removal from the Program.
 The requirements are in place to facilitate progress toward the dissertation and a successful graduate school experience. We encourage students not to perceive them as hurdles but rather as stepping stones.