Graduate Program in Neuroscience

Annual IDP/Progress Report/Committee Meeting & Forms

There are four different evaluations that are completed on a yearly basis after your first year in the program.

  • The Annual Individual Development Project –      done by Student
  • Annual Student Progress Report                      –      done by Student
  • Annual Supervisory Committee Meeting        –      done by Student
  • Student Annual Faculty Evaluation                  –      done by Student

The Annual IDP-Progress Report Form fulfills three of these reviews and the Student Annual Faculty Evaluation catalyst survey fulfills the final component for a total of two forms, and four review step.

Below is a grid to help you understand the timelines for the  Annual Faculty Evaluation & Annual IDP/Progress Report.

Students Item Action Deadlines
1st years Create an IDP and Elective Plan After joining a dissertation lab, fill out Annual IDP/Progress Report form and create Elective Plan with advisor. Before start of Autumn Quarter of 2nd year to Neuro office.
2nd – 5th years Audit Audit forms will be sent out by the NEURO office 1-2 months before annual sup. committee meeting. The student is responsible for reviewing the audit forms and planning to fulfill any missing requirements. Review prior to annual committee meeting
 2nd – 5th years Annual Faculty Eval & IDP/Progress Report Student uipdates the IDP with input from advisor. IDP/Progress Report is reviewed at annual committee meeting and updated if necessary. Document Annual Committee Meeting info on IDP/Progress Report form. IDP/Progress Report form is uploaded to your NEURO Google Drive Student Mail Box  within 2 weeks after committee meeting
Annual Faculty Evaluation Completed by faculty and reviewed by student. Due to Neuroscience Office within 2 weeks after committee meeting.