Graduate Program in Neuroscience

Core Courses

 Required Graduate Student Courses

All First Year students are required to take all core courses except NEURO 515, 600, and 800, which are all taken after your first three quarters are complete.

Core Course List for Registration by Quarter

NEURO 501: Introduction to Neurobiology: Molecular & Cellular Neurobiology. (3) (Offered: A) Carlson Concepts and techniques of molecular and cell biology as applied to understanding development and function of the nervous system. Required for all first year students.

NEURO 502: Introduction to Neurobiology: Sensory & Motor Systems. (5) (Offered: W) Dhaka  Introduction to neuroanatomy and modules on sensory and motor systems, examination of macroscopic and microscopic neural tissues.  Required for all first year students.

NEURO 503: Cognitive and Integrative Neuroscience (4) (Offered: Sp) Phillips A discussion of higher neural processes like learning, memory, and decision making. Lecture and laboratory discussion of original literature, exercises in data analysis and quantitative reasoning. Required for all first year students.

NEURO 504: Biophysics of Nerve, Muscle, and Synapse (3) (Offered: A) Sullivan, Zagotta Introduces biophysical properties of nerve and muscle cells. Topics include intrinsic electrical properties of neurons, ion channels, receptor signaling, calcium signaling, contraction of muscles, and synaptic function.  Required for all first year students.

NEURO 510: Seminar in Neurobiology (0.5) (Offered: A, W, Sp) Weekly seminar on current topics in neuroscience. Attendance is expected throughout graduate training. Required for first and second year students

NEURO 515: Teaching Practicum in Neurobiology & Behavior (3-6) (Offered: A, W, Sp, S) Supervised training in the teaching of neuroscience and related scientific topics. Teaching internships are assigned as part of the annual “match” or by approval by one of the Directors.

NEURO 526: Introduction to Laboratory Research in Neurobiology & Behavior (4)  (Offered: A, W, Sp, S) Students carry out research projects in the laboratories of different faculty members on a quarterly rotation basis.

NEURO 527: Current Topics in Neurobiology & Behavior (1) (Offered: A, W, Sp) Rieke Critical discussion of original scientific literature, both classic and contemporary; topics complement those in the concurrent NEURO 501 – 504 series, including introductory neurostatistics.  Emphasizes student participation. Required for all first year students.

NEURO 545: Quantitative Methods in Neuroscience (3) Rieke, Bair, Fairhall This course provides exposure to a variety of quantitative methods that are applicable to the study of the nervous system. It provides an intensive tutorial on mathematical methods and their application to neuroscience research. The course format revolves around computer exercises and discussion of journal papers. Topics can include linear systems theory, Fourier analysis, ordinary differential equations, stochastic processes, signal detection theory and information theory. Required for all first year students.

NEURO 559: Neurobiology of Disease (3) (Offered: S) Grabowski  Introduces medically important neurological and psychiatric diseases and experimental approaches to understanding the basis for diseases and their treatments. Covers stroke, epilepsy, autoimmune diseases of the CNS, neurodegenerative diseases, autism, psychosis, anxiety disorders and mood disorders. Required for all first year students.

NEURO 600: Neurobiology & Behavior Research/Independent Study. (Variable-max 10 cr.) (Offered: A, W, Sp, S) Independent research. Taken prior to General Examination.

NEURO 800: Doctoral Dissertation (Variable-max 10 cr.) (Offered: A, W, Sp, S) Dissertation Research. Taken after completion of General Examination. Limited to graduate students in the program.


See Electives page for a full listing of approved elective courses .