Graduate Program in Neuroscience

Reading Committee

Appointment and Responsibilities of a Doctoral Reading Committee

The Graduate Program Coordinator uses MyGradProgram to inform the Dean of The Graduate School of at least three members of the supervisory committee who will serve on the reading committee. At least one of the members of the reading committee must hold an endorsement to chair doctoral committees. The reading committee is appointed to read and approve the dissertation. It is the responsibility of a reading committee to (a) ensure that the dissertation is a significant contribution to knowledge and is an acceptable piece of scholarly writing; (b) determine the appropriateness of a candidate’s dissertation as a basis for issuing a warrant for a Final Examination and; (c) approve a candidate’s dissertation.

Two (2) months before the planned final exam, the student shall designate and get approved the Reading Committee.

Four (4) weeks prior to the target final exam date, the program office staff will request Confirmation from the Reading Committee that each member feels there is a draft dissertation that is complete enough to move forward with scheduling the final exam.