Graduate Program in Neuroscience

Student vs. Employee Status

One of the most important concepts for our students to understand is that they have two concurrent roles within the UW administrative system

  • First, they are a student
  • Second, they are an employee

All students who maintain satisfactory progress will be supported with a salary, with medical/dental benefits, and with tuition waivers (excluding the student activity & building fees, UPASS).

Each student’s initial payroll appointment at UW will be a graduate student appointment (GSA), which has automatic benefits and waivers, but is dependent on being enrolled as a full-time (10 credits min) graduate student. If a student isn’t enrolled, then he/she is not paid, and the student is disenrolled from the insurance plan.

The UW payroll system checks the UW student database to determine whether or not students have registered for classes. Conversely, if for some reason a student goes off the UW payroll during a quarter, the student’s tuition waiver will be cancelled and that student and any dependents are disenrolled from the insurance plan.

Student Status Employee Status
Each student has a unique Student ID# that never changes. Each student has a unique Employee Identification Number (EIN), instead of a Social Security number.
Sign up for a minimum of 10 credits Autumn, Winter & Spring Quarters. Non-Academic grievances (including sexual harassment) are handled through UW HR; the Ombudsman’s Office.
Summer Quarter minimum of only 2 credits; check with NEURO Admin staff if there are any undergraduate loans outstanding or if you are an international student. You may have different credit requirements during Summer Quarter. 5 of 6 pay periods rule – must be on the payroll at least 5 pay periods of each quarter to qualify for their tuition waiver and insurance.
Register for classes before the start of each quarter. Insurance – GAIP – through GSA appointment or fellowship/stipend appointment.
Update address information using MyUW. Union Membership – Most NEURO students will be represented by a union (UAW) and will either pay union dues or pay a union administrative fee.
Academic grievances are handled through the UW Graduate School. contracts/uaw/addons/index.html
General graduate student procedures: