Graduate Program in Neuroscience


Most Neuroscience students need to be registered every quarter.  Since most financial support is based on a 12-month appointment, most students will need to sign up for Summer Quarter as well as the rest of the regular academic year.

Here are a few useful websites:

Registration Instructions for New Students

UW Time Schedule

Academic Calendar

UW Tuition and Related Fees

Students must enroll for a minimum of 10 credits autumn, winter and spring quarter.

  • In summer quarter, most students will enroll for only 2 credits. Please contact Neuroscience office if you plan to enroll in a course for more than 2 credits.
  • If a student wants to enroll for more than 18 credits in any quarter, he or she will have to pay a per-credit cost (~ $725 per credit; $1,300 for non-resident) for the excess credits.

During the first year, most students should enroll for only the required core courses; if a first-year student is interested in taking an elective course that will not be offered during his/her second year, the student should contact the Neuroscience office or the Directors.

Every student should enroll for at least the minimum 10 credits BEFORE the 1st day of the quarter to avoid late penalty fees. 

DO NOT drop any classes during a quarter and go below 10 credits without discussing this with the Neuroscience administrative staff. Students have received HUGE tuition bills because they invalidated their waivers by going below 10 credits.