Graduate Program in Neuroscience

Elective Plans

Elective Plan Submission Form

All Neuroscience students must take a total of at least 10 credits of elective courses.

  • To maximize the effectiveness of these courses, students should work closely with their advisors to plan their elective courses.
  • Students completing their 1st year should work with their advisors over the summer leading to their 2nd year to identify elective courses he/she plans to take during their 2nd year.
  • More advanced students who have not yet completed their elective requirements should work with their advisors and committee to plan the courses they will take to complete the requirement.

Students are free to change their choice of electives as their work develops, but are encouraged to think carefully about which courses will best serve their needs, and also to sign up for courses well before the deadline, to help faculty plan their teaching schedules.   Students may choose their elective courses from the list of “Core Electives” that do not require prior approval for elective credit

Students may also petition for permission to receive credit for a course that is not on the core list, but which has been determined to be useful towards their dissertation work.

  • Note that single credit courses that represent lab meetings, departmental journal clubs, etc., may not be used to fulfill the elective requirement.

Students should be aware that their advisors will be asked to confirm their support for the petition to take the requested course.

  • Students should submit their elective plans to the Neuroscience program office by submitting a google form.
  • Approval for credit for non-core courses must be obtained prior to enrollment.
  • The Neuro Program office will sent you confirmation of the approval once it has been obtained.