Graduate Program in Neuroscience

How to Register

You need to be enrolled for a minimum of 10 credits in order to be eligible for your tuition waiver and your graduate student insurance (GAIP).

In order to avoid any penalty fees or problems with your benefits (tuition/insurance), you need to enroll before the 1st day of the Quarter which you are registering for.

For the current quarter time schedule click here:

If you are enrolling for any elective classes, please do so before the start of the quarter.  Low enrollment numbers can cause instructors to cancel classes for lack of interest. If you wait until the last minute to enroll, there might not be any class to take.

If you are taking a class and want elective credit, but it is not currently on your elective plan (submitted before the beginning of Autumn quarter), then you must petition for permission to update your elective plan to include the course for credit. Make sure that your advisor(s) is/are included in the email request to the administrative office. This must be done before the quarter starts.