Graduate Program in Neuroscience

Training Grants & Fellowships

While the Program guarantees support for students in good standing, we strongly encourage all of our eligible students to apply for independent funding. Below are some of the Institutional Training Grants and Individual Fellowships that have supported them.

Training Grants

1T32NS09957801A1 Sullivan, Jane Graduate Training in Neuroscience
5T32EY007031-39 Clark, John Vision Research Training
2T32DC005361-15 Perkel, David Auditory Neuroscience Training Program
5T32DA007278 Chavkin, Charles Training in the Molecular Pharmacology of Abused Drugs
5T32ES007032-39 Rosenfeld, Michael Environmetal Pathology/Toxicology Training Program
4T32GM007270-42 Scott, John Training in Molecular and Cellular Biology
5T32AG000057-39 Rabinovitch, Peter Genetic Approaches to Aging
1T32CA20608901A1 Noble, William PhD Training in Big Data for Genomics and Neuroscience

If you are aware of other training grants that should be included on this list please let us know.

Individual Fellowships

Individual NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA awards (F31).
NSF Fellowships
Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans 

Note that the NSF fellowships are unusual in that individuals may apply for support before they have been accepted into a graduate program.  Graduate program admission committees may be favorably impressed by students who have taken the initiative to apply.