Graduate Program in Neuroscience

November 16, 2018

Dr. Chet Moritz’s nerve stimulation trial is showing promising results for patients with damaged nerves

Neuroscience Faculty member, Dr. Chet Moritz and his team have begun to see breakthroughs with their electrical stimulation tests on damaged nerves. Instead of an extremely invasive surgery requiring implementation of wires inside the body, Dr. Moritz has seen impressive results through electric stimulation from outside of the body. The NSF funded study uses transcutaneous spinal stimulation to help with a patient’s movement after a spinal chord injury involving paralysis. Dr. Mortiz explained “The current theory is that we are stimulating the spinal cord electrically, using a fancy waveform that allows that energy to pass through the skin painlessly and activate the spinal circuits. And then that activation of the spinal circuits in combination with Joe’s attempts to move generated by his brain activity is what results in his initial ability to move when he might otherwise not be able to.”


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Dr. Chet Moritz’s lab