Graduate Program in Neuroscience

Upcoming Seminars

 2016-2017 Neuroscience Seminar Series: Neuro 510

Mondays, 3:30pm – 4:30pm

Autumn Quarter  – T-639 Health Science Building
Winter Quarter  – T-747 Health Science Building
Spring Quarter  – T-747 Health Science Building

Spring Quarter 2017

March 27, 2017

Dr. Ethan Buhr
Assistant Professor, Deptartment of Ophthalmology
University of Washington
Seminar Title: Atypical opsins used in circadian timing of the inner retina
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April 3, 2017

Dr. Venkatesh Murthy

Professor, Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology and Center for Brain Science, Harvard University
Harvard University
Seminar Title: Olfactory Object Analysis and Categorization in Mice
UW Faculty Host: David Gire
UW Student Host: Max Turner
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April 10, 2017

Dr. Charles Czeisler
Baldino Professor of Sleep Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Senior Physician, Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders, Departments of Medicine and Neurology, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Affiliated Faculty, Department of Neurobiology, Harvard Medical School
Seminar Title: Sleep Regulation in Humans
UW Faculty Host: Horacio de la Iglesia
UW Student Host: Raymond Sanchez
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April 17, 2017

Dr. Michael Manookin
Assistant Professor, Deptartment of Ophthalmology
University of Washington
Seminar Title: Peeking under the sombrero: Nonlinear neural computations in the inner retina

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April 24, 2017

Dr. Roozbeh Kiani
Assistant Professor of Neural Science and Psychology, Principal Investigator
Seminar Title: Neural mechanisms of strategic adjustment of perceptual decisions
UW Faculty Host: Greg Horwitz
UW Student Host: Rapheal Williams
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May 1, 2017

Dr. Libin Xu
Assistant Professor, Department of Medicinal Chemistry
University of Washington
Seminar Title: Chemistry and Biology of Defective Cholesterol Biosynthesis
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May 8, 2017

Dr. Eric Chudler
Executive Director, Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering
Research Associate Professor, Department of Bioengineering
University of Washington
Seminar Title: Opportunities and Challenges of Communicating Research to the Public
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May 15, 2017

Dr. David Gire
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
University of Washington
Seminar Title: Sensing, deciding and navigating: bringing complex natural behaviors to the lab
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May 22, 2017

Dr. Bill Catterall
Professor, Department of Pharmacology
University of Washington
Seminar Title: Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels: From Atomic Structure to Epilepsy and Medical Marijuana
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Winter Quarter 2017

January 9, 2017

Dr. David Raible
Professor, Department of Biological Structure; Adjunct, Department of Genome Sciences; Adjunct, Department of Biology
University of Washington
Seminar Title: Zebrafish models of hearing loss: lessons from the lateral line
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January 23, 2017

Carol A. Barnes, Ph.D.
Regents’ Professor, Psychology, Neurology and Neuroscience
Director, Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute
University of Arizona
Seminar Title: Impact of Aging on Neural Circuits Critical for Memory
UW Faculty Host: Sheri Mizumori
UW Student Host: Brooke Jarvie
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January 30, 2017

Dr. Julie Harris
Investigator, Allen Institute for Brain Science; Affiliate Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Structure
Seminar Title: Cell type-specific mesoscale connectivity maps
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February 6, 2017

Dr. Veronica Alvarez
Investigator, Laboratory for Integrative Neuroscience; Section on Neuronal Structure ,NIH-NIAAA
Seminar Title: Dopamine regulation of local striatal circuitry and its role in movement
UW Faculty Host: Susan Ferguson
UW Student Host: Aaron F. Garcia
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February 13, 2017

Dr. William J. Moody
Professor, Department of Biology
University of Washington
Seminar Title:  In vitro in vivo measurements of spontaneous waves of activity in the developing brain
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February 27, 2017

Dr. Eve Marder
Professor of Biology, Member, US National Academy of Sciences, Modulation of Neural Networks
Brandeis University
Seminar Title: Variability, Robustness and Homeostasis in Neurons and Networks
UW Faculty Host: Jihong Bai
UW Student Host: Abhishek De
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March 6, 2017

Dr. Abigail Person
UC Denver
Seminar Title: Unraveling the Cerebellar Enigma: Mechanistic Insight into Cerebellar Contributions to Motor Control
UW Faculty Host: Rick Robinson
UW Student Host: Aaron D. Garcia
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Autumn Quarter 2016

October 3, 2016

JorgensenDr. Erik Jorgensen
Distinguished Professor, Department of Biology,
University of Utah & HHMI Investigator
Seminar Title: Ultrafast Endocytosis
UW Faculty Host: Michael Ailion, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry
UW Student Host: Kali Esancy
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October 10, 2016

Dr. Ram Sabesan
Research Assistant Professor, Ophthalmology/Adjunct research Assistant Professor, Biological Structure, University of Washington
Seminar Title: Visual perception at the scale of individual cones
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October 17, 2016

Dr.Jeffrey Holt Jeffrey Holt
Professor of Otolaryngology
Harvard University
Seminar Title: Emerging gene stem cell therapies for hearing and balance disorders
Co-sponsored by the Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, and the Virginia Merrill Bloedel Hearing Research Center.
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October 24, 2016

Miller, Dana

Dr. Dana Miller
Assistant Professor, Deptartment of Biochemistry
University of Washington
Seminar Title: How hypoxia and hydrogen sulfide signaling could impact neurodegenerative disease.
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October 31, 2016

Tuthill, JohnDr. John Tuthill
Assistant Professor, Physiology and Biophysics
University of Washington
Seminar Title: Neural Coding of Touch and Proprioception in the Fly.
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November 7, 2016

Dr. Pankaj Sah
Director of the Queensland Brain Institute
Seminar Title: Neural circuits between the hippocampus, medial cortex and amygdala: three partners in the fear circuit
UW Faculty Host: David Perkel
UW Student Host: Jane Chen
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November 21, 2016

Dr. Bing Brunton
Assistant Professor, Department of Biology; eScience Institute; Institute of Neuroengineering
University of Washington
Seminar Title: Understanding neural computation in long-term, naturalistic human brain recordings
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November 28, 2016

Franck KalumeDr. Franck Kalume
Adjunct Assistant Professor. Global Health
Assistant Professor, Neurosurgery
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Pharmacology
University of Washington
Seminar Title: Mechanisms of Sudden Unexpected Death in Mouse Models of Dravet Syndrome and Focal Cortical Dysplasia
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December 5, 2016

Dr. Elizabeth Jonas
Professor of Internal Medicine and Neuroscience
Yale University
Seminar Title: Mitochondria and memory: Neuronal metabolism, synaptic plasticity and neurodegeneration
UW Faculty Host: Gwenn Garden
UW Student Host: Eric Thomas & Sarah Pickett
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