Graduate Program in Neuroscience

May 10, 2019

Incoming student, Russell Marx, and current faculty member, John Neumaier, use software and algorithms to understand mice vocalizations

The lab of John Neumaier is trying to make it easier to analyze rat and mice audio. By slowing mice vocalizations, and using software and algorithms, Neumaier’s team is making it easier to study a rodents emotional state. This software is now known as DeepSqueak and finds patterns in slowed down rodent audio to be able to study their emotional state. DeepSqueak¬†uses machine algorithms from self-driving cars and adapts it to take audio files and turn them into a visual representation. This adaptation was created by Kevin Coffey, who helped out with our recruitment in a big way, and Russell Marx, a student in the Neuroscience PhD program’s 2019 cohort.

For more information see the scientific american article or the youtube report from Verge Science!