Graduate Program in Neuroscience


Neuroscience Program Retreat

This annual event, organized by the second-year class, takes place in September and serves as an opportunity to welcome incoming graduate students, catch up on the latest scientific progress made by our faculty and student colleagues, and test ourselves on Neuroscience Trivia.


Upcoming Seminars

Past Seminar Speakers

A seminar series, hosted by students, and intended to bring together the entire neuroscience community to hear from local, national and international researchers on their latest findings. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

Rotation Talks

1st year Neuro students who have completed lab rotations (NEURO 526) make short oral presentations of their work for each Lab Rotation. See our Rotation Talk schedules for dates, times and topics.

Student Symposium

Our annual Student Research Symposium is traditionally organized by the third year students. Six to eight senior students, who are getting close to completing their dissertation, are asked to speak.  This provides a good opportunity for the senior students to practice discussing their research before an audience and for our third year students to practice organizing a symposium, which are both activities that they will be doing throughout their career.

Posters ‘N’ Pints

As part of the Graduate Program in Neuroscience interview process, we host an event called Posters ‘n’ Pints. We’ve found that the poster event is a great venue for our prospective students to connect with our faculty members, particularly those who might not be available during the formal interview schedule period.  This is a fun event where faculty, current students and prospective students can meet in a relaxed atmosphere, have a pint and discuss research.

Brain Awareness Week Open House

Brain Awareness Week (BAW) is a nationwide effort organized by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives and the Society for Neuroscience to promote the public and personal benefits of brain research.