Graduate Program in Neuroscience

June 9, 2020

Neuroscience Graduate Students Su-Yee Lee and Ellen Lesser respond to the call to test samples for COVID-19

On March 6th, the University of Washington moved to a work from home model when appropriate. Labs shut down, classes went online, and folks started their self-isolation hoping to flatten the curve to help our city and the residents. This new Virus, COVID-19, led UW Medicine to create new lab spaces in order to handle social distancing and increase the ability to test for this infectious and deadly virus. This is where Su-Yee and Ellen (Tuthill, and Tuthill & Daniel Labs respectively) jumped at the chance to help. Lee described her reasoning to help out as “it feels almost like a duty and also fulfills a dream to be able to contribute your skills and expertise to help out with a global crisis”. According to Lesser, UW Medicine was able to put together a system that did not exist in a few short days, “They were up and running testing right away in March before it was really happening across the country.”

The Neuroscience Graduate Program wants to thank Su-Yee and Ellen for being on the ground floor to assist our schools ability to test the masses. We thank you for all the extra time and effort that you two have put into testing our community!

Responding to call for help, Neuroscience Graduate Students share what it was like working in the center of Seattle’s COVID-19 testing effort.