Graduate Program in Neuroscience

November 20, 2017

Neuroscience students and faculty team up for an Afternoon with the Brain

On Oct. 22, three Neuroscience Program faculty members and two students took part in an outreach program “An Afternoon with the Brain”. This was organized as an outreach event and also an auction item fundraiser for the Seattle Chapter of the ARCS Foundation. Ten visitors, hosted by Ms. Jacque Doane, successful event bidder, spent the afternoon taking part in three activities in a neuroscience teaching laboratory. They recorded electrical activity from live nerve cells, harnessing their own neural signals to cause movement in a volunteer friend and examined a variety of brain structures in real human brains.

The program was led by David Perkel with help from Bill Moody and Ric Robinson.  Two neuroscience students and ARCS Fellows, Rapheal Williams and Jesse Resnick, took part as well.