Graduate Program in Neuroscience

Jaime Olavarría

olavarria, Jaime
Phone: 206-685-1524
Dept.: Professor, Department of Psychology

A time-lapse sequence illustrating the development of cortico-cortical projections in visual cortex of a 6-day old rat.

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In my laboratory we study the organization, function and development of neuronal pathways in the mammalian central visual system. Our recent work in primates has employed anatomical and physiological techniques to investigate to what extent visual pathways subserving different functions are segregated, or intermixed, at cortical and subcortical processing stages. We are also interested in studying the role of activity cues on the development of organized cortico-cortical projections in visual cortex. We are investigating the hypothesis that the neonatal specification of patterns of interhemispheric connections through the corpus callosum depends upon interhemispheric correlated activity driven by visual input. Our efforts include identifying the role of spontaneous and visually evoked retinal activity in the establishment of retinotopically organized patterns of callosal linkages, as well as the cellular mechanisms underlying the effects of activity cues on the development of cortical connections.