Graduate Program in Neuroscience

Adrian KC Lee

Lee, Adrian KC
Phone: 206-616-0102
Dept.: Associate Professor Speech & Hearing Sciences, Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences
Neuroscience Focus Groups:
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What’s on your mind? This is what we want to know while you are communicating and interacting with the world. We combine magneto- and electro-encephalography (M-EEG) along with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to map the spatio-temporal dynamics of the cortical network involved in

  • Attention: object selection and scene analysis (e.g., listening to your friend in a crowded restaurant);
  • Executive control: decision making and error monitoring (e.g., real-time control of a wheel-chair through a Brain-Computer Interface)

Searching for neural biomarkers We seek to discover distinct brain signatures that can be used to classify different brain states (coined as “neural biomarkers”). Our goal is to combine this neuroscience knowledge with state-of-the-art engineering approaches to design next-generation Brain-Computer-Interface devices that enable users to dynamically tune their prosthetic devices using only their minds. Imagine!

SPHSC594: Capturing Brain Dynamics: a combined neuroscience and engineering approach (Winter Quarter) The material presented in this class will prepare and motivate students for interdisciplinary neuroengineering research, spanning from inventing new non-invasive Brain Computer Interface algorithms to illuminating brain dynamics underlying perception and cognition. Currently opened to NEUBEH students as well as students from SPHSC, PSYCH, LING, EE and CSE.