Graduate Program in Neuroscience

Albert Folch

folch. albert

Phone: 206-685-2257
Dept.: Associate Professor, Department of Bioengineering
Neuroscience Focus Group:
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Our lab focuses on developing microdevices for translational cancer applications, including brain, colorectal, and pancreatic cancer. Our long-term mission is to make microfluidic devices as intuitive to use as smartphones and make them easily available to biomedical scientists in order to enable novel quantitative experiments, diagnostics, and therapies. In general, microfabrication technology allows us to address large numbers of single cells with sub-cellular resolution, resulting in statistically-rich single-cell data. Toward that goal, we develop advanced general-purpose microfluidic and 3D-printing technology (such as microvalves, combinatorial micromixers, and cell traps), and computer algorithms for high-throughput recognition of sub-cellular morphology.