Graduate Program in Neuroscience

David Parichy

parichy, davidPhone: 206-685-7323
Dept.: Professor, Department of Biology
Neuroscience Focus Groups:
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Research: The neural crest contributes to numerous tissues and organs and has played critical roles in the evolution of vertebrates. We are studying post-embryonic morphogenesis and patterning of neural crest lineages using zebrafish as a model system. Much of our work has focused on one particular set of neural crest lineages that give rise to skin pigment cells, which provide an especially tractable example of post-embryonic boundary formation and implementation. Recent work focuses on the intersection of glial, neuronal and pigment lineages, and the intersection of developmental and endocrine controls in lineage specification, homeostasis and regeneration. Finally we also study non-neural crest lineages, including oligodendrocytes of the central nervous system and neural stem cells, particularly in the context of endocrine disease, and we maintain an interest in behavior at the whole organism level.