Graduate Program in Neuroscience

Jack Waters

waters, Jack

Phone: 206-548-8439

Dept.: Associate Investigator, Allen Institute for Brain Science
Neuroscience Focus Groups: Cell and Molecular Neuroscience,  Neural Circuits, Sensory Systems

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Our brains receive and interpret a wealth of incoming information. How information is interpreted depends on behavioral states such as arousal and attention states. My research interests include changes in function of cortical neurons and circuits with behavioral state. Two key modulators of cellular and circuit function in neocortex during behavior are long-range interactions between cortical areas and ascending neuromodulatory drive and my goal is to understand modulation by these two key mechanisms. Our approach uses mostly optical techniques, such as 2-photon microscopy and optogenetics, to measure and control the activities of individual neurons and populations of neurons while mice perform visually-guided tasks.