Graduate Program in Neuroscience

James Olson

Olson, JamesPhone: 206-667-4286


Dept.: MD/PhD, Sarah Hughes Chair for Pediatric Oncology; Full Member, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; Professor, Pediatrics; Adjunct, Department of Pathology and Pharmacology

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Research: Pediatric Brain Tumors:We are generating new mouse models of medulloblastoma (pediatric brain tumor) and testing candidate drugs that interfere with the aberrant signaling pathways. We demonstrated efficacy of two drug classes, retinoids and cyclopamine derivatives. Both induce apoptosis in medulloblastoma cells. We elucidated the mechanism by which retinoids induce apoptosis, providing a basis for understanding why some cells are sensitive to this agent and others are resistant. We are developing a national Phase III clinical trial to assess the efficacy of retinoids in children with medulloblastoma.