Graduate Program in Neuroscience

Jason D. Yeatman

yeatman-jasonPhone: 206-685-3934yeatman-2
Dept.: Assistant Professor, Institute for Learning & Brain Science and Department of Speech & Hearing Sciences
Neuroscience Focus Groups: Behavioral Neuroscience, Neural Circuits, Sensory Systems

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The overarching goal of my lab’s research is to understand the neural mechanisms that underlie the process of learning to read. We use a collection of structural and function neuroimaging measurements to study how a child’s experience with reading instruction shapes the development of brain circuits that are specialized for this unique cognitive function. There are yeatman-3two sides to this work. On the one hand, advances in non-invasive, quantitative brain imaging technologies are opening a new window into the mechanisms that underlie learning. For children with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, we hope to develop personalized intervention programsyeatman-4 that are tailored to a child’s unique pattern of brain maturation. On the other hand, educational interventions provide a powerful tool for understanding how environmental factors shape brain development. Following children longitudinally through education programs is a means to understand basic principles of plasticity and brain development.