Graduate Program in Neuroscience

Nicholas A. Steinmetz





Phone: 206-616-7078
Dept.: Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Structure
Neuroscience Focus Groups: Neural Circuits, Sensory Systems, Motor Systems & Sensorimotor Integration, Computational Neuroscience
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Our goal is to understand the neural mechanisms underlying perception, cognition, and action. In particular, we study how these brain functions are distributed across diverse neural circuits, and how these distributed populations of neurons coordinate their dynamics to generate useful behaviors. Our approach is to employ state-of-the-art methods for measuring and manipulating neural activity at large scale and high resolution, combined with sophisticated, quantifiable behavioral tasks and mechanistic modeling. Our work specifically involves studying visually-guided behaviors in mice, using techniques such as next-generation Neuropixels electrophysiology, large-scale calcium imaging, systematic optogenetic manipulations, and advanced data analysis and modeling.