Graduate Program in Neuroscience

Thomas Grabowski

grabowski, Thomas
Phone: 206-543-3954
Dept.: Professor, Departments of Radiology, and Neurology; Adjunct Professor, Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
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My laboratory use functional MRI and other MRI-based approaches to investigate the cortical neural systems basis of cognition. The focus of the work is on the neural systems basis of language and semantic processes.  The core approach is functional magnetic resonance imaging, and the human subject groups under study are patients with stroke,epilepsy, degenerative dementia, and typically aging persons.  The fundamental goals are  1) to advance understanding of cortical systemsphysiology and pathophysiology at the systems level; 2) to advance the technology of cortical systems imaging., i.e. MRI-based approaches that characterize and track the component nodes/fields, connectivity, dynamics, and representational structure of neural systems that support adaptive function; and 3) to foster application of these approaches to clinical medicine. In this wider context,  the paradigm of lexical-semantic retrieval and the left temporal lobe is useful for elucidating the operation of association cortex, and for driving the development of measures and vocabulary to characterize the structural integrity, functional stability and flexibility, and alteration in the information content of cortical systems.