Graduate Program in Neuroscience

International Students

International applicants have a deadline of November 1, 2018 considered for Autumn 2019 admission.

An international student is anyone who IS NOT a U.S. citizen and does not hold a U.S. Permanent Resident Visa (i.e., “Green Card or Immigrant”).

International applicants are those who currently hold or expect U.S. visas.  This includes holders of H1-B, J-1 exchange visitors or any other non-immigrant classifications (e.g., DACA).

Graduate School English Language Proficiency requirements can be found at Understanding the Application Process.

The Program expects each international applicant to contact our faculty in advance to determine if they are able to support an international student. Unlike students who are US citizens or immigrants, international students have limited funding opportunities available and have an added burden when finding a lab for their dissertation projects.

We do not require that international prospective students get pledged support in advance to applying to our program, but it is wise for them to address this issue early in the process of applying to the graduate program.

For information on being an international student, please contact International Student Services.