Patient presentations are specific to Seattle-based students.
Topic presentations apply to all students.

Patient Presentations

All Seattle students should come to didactics each week prepared to present a case they saw during the week. Only one student will actually present. The case can be common or rare. It is okay if you don’t have all the data or answers. The goal is a morning report style presentation to discuss localization, an organized differential and practical test ordering.

Topic Presentations

Students are required to pick one topic for presentation to the group. Because of the number of students in each block, the topic will need to be synthesized into a presentation limited to 15 minutes. Handouts are not necessary. Grading is Pass/Fail. Not doing a topic or making it up are essentially the only ways to fail.

Away students: Email your presentation to Dr. Kraus (in PowerPoint, PDF or Word format) by the end of the clerkship. Arrange time in the last week to present your topic to the site preceptor(s).


  1. Choose a topic based on a patient you have seen in the first two weeks or a topic relevant to your career of interest.
  2. Don't try to cover too much. For example, the patient may have multiple sclerosis. Read in depth about MS but choose only one aspect of MS to report on (e.g., disease modifying drugs, treatment of fatigue, bladder dysfunction, etc.).
  3. Most students put together a PowerPoint presentation.
  4. Oral presentations should start with a 1-2 sentence case summary. Pick the most important information to deliver to your colleagues.
  5. Please practice the oral presentation for time. It is common to underestimate time.