Neurology 633

Anchorage-Alaska Neurology Center
Anchorage, AK

3841 Piper St, T-345
Site Director: Frank Ellenson, MD
Administrative Contact: Raquel Lehrmann, 907-565-6058
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Clinic Phone: 907-565-6000


Pre-arrival Requirements

Review the housing and other important information in this document.

Travel & Housing

Housing & transportation:  Housing is provided in a 4-bedroom apartment shared with other medical students or Anchorage pain fellows. The apartment is located on the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) campus. Please click on the "Alaska Housing Information" link above for complete details about the housing and what to do upon your arrival in Anchorage.  Since the clinic is within walking distance of the housing, a car is not provided for neurology students.

Computer access: Cable modem internet is available in the apartment, but you will need your laptop. Computers are also available at UAA.

First Day & Orientation

Clerkship orientation: You will need to view the away student orientation video on the Distance Learning page. Please let the clerkship coordinator know if you have questions or any difficulties viewing the video.

Equipment to bring:White coat and name tag, reflex hammer, tuning fork (128Hz), stethoscope, (ophthalmoscope recommended).

First day: Please contact Raquel Lehrmann (phone & email listed above) to find out where and when to report on your first day.


Course Requirements

Course requirements are listed below. Refer to the Distance Learning page for due dates.

Pocket syllabus: A “pocket syllabus” will be mailed to you. A printable (PDF) version is also available on the Pocket Syllabus page.

Cases: Two case write-ups are due each week. Further information is available in the orientation video and on the Cases page. Your assigned case numbers are on the Distance Learning page. Please note that your assigned case numbers are different than for the Seattle-based students. Weekly case answers and video lectures will be available on the Distance Learning page on Thursdays after 1PM.

Patient log: You are required to log in the patients you have seen each week. The log is described in the clerkship orientation video. Additional details are on the Patient Log page.

Clinical & Bioethical CEX exercises: You are required to do both a clinical and a bioethical mini-CEX for this course. See the Mini-CEX page for details.

Presentations: Presentation requirements are described in the orientation video and are available on the Presentations page.

Final exam: Your final exam will be held in the Anchorage WWAMI office, usually on the final day of the clerkship. Contact Michelle Devine at the WWAMI office in Anchorage as soon as possible to arrange your exam time at 907-264-6784 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . See the Final Exam page for information about the exam.