Student Evaluation

Strength as Educator

All info from Reporter, Interpreter and Manager.

As an educator the student should be able to do some of the following:

Explain to the patient that the main problem is with the coordination system. List a few of the possible causes in terms that the patient can understand. Describe that testing can take time and that the first test may not give the answer. Explain the nature of an MRI, claustrophobia, and review the metal contraindication. Counsel about how her alcohol, smoking and cocaine use may be related and encourage abstinence. Arrange follow-up. Ask if there are any questions and try to calm fears.

The student can tell the preceptor about primary progressive MS vs. relapsing-remitting MS, paraneoplastic Abs that affect the cerebellum, inheritance patterns for FA and SCAs, the physiology behind one or two diseases, and in general why certain features of the history and physical favor one diagnosis over another.