Neurohospitalist Track

Neurology Residency Neurohospitalist Track (Optional)

Neurohospitalists represent an emerging neurologic subspecialty, and post-graduate neurohospitalist positions are abundant both in academic and community settings.

Harborview Medical Center, the county hospital affiliated with the University of Washington, developed the first neurohospitalist fellowship in 2003, and true to that tradition, we remain an ideal place to train for an inpatient career.  The rich inpatient experience offered by our diverse training sites prepares residents for all flavors of acute neurologic disorders.  Residents from our program are well prepared to enter directly into a neurohospitalist practice or to compete for postgraduate fellowships.

Our neurohospitalist track is a set of recommended electives during neurology residency to help guide those interested in pursuing a neurohospitalist career.

Sample of neurohospitalist track recommendations for the N2/3 year:

Strongly Recommended Electives Notes
Neurocritical Care 1-2 months

Neurosurgery NeuroHospitalist Service

1 month (may want to combine with TCD/Neuro-IR)
Stroke/Cerebrovascular 1 month w/emphasis on inpatient care
HMC Consult Service 1 month (in addition to required N3 rotation)
EEG/SSEP 1 month (in addition to required selective)

Other Useful Electives

Research elective 1 + months (examples: an in-depth quality and safety project or time to build a teaching portfolio)
Infectious disease consults w/ NeuroID clinic
Cardiology consults
Pulmonary consults
Palliative Care
Transcranial Doppler/ Neuro-IR Could also combine this with Stroke/Cerebrovascular rather than a separate rotation