Beyond Residency

Most residents graduating from the program complete fellowships for further training.  ACGME-accredited fellowships are available at the University of Washington in Neurophysiology, Neuromuscular Medicine, Sleep Medicine, and Vascular Neurology.  There are also fellowships available in Headache, Movement Disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, NeuroHospitalist, and Neuro-Oncology.  In addition we have an active research training program.  While some of our residents choose to stay at the University of Washington for fellowship, those who leave are competitive candidates in whatever field they pursue.

Examples of fellowships that our residents have done in the past few years:

Class of 2015

Anthony Julius          Movement Disorder, UW
Brian Lundstrom Neuro-physiology/EEG Mayo Clinic
Ina Ly Neuro-Oncology, Boston
Adam Reynolds Neuromuscular, UW
Tarvinder Singh Cerebrovascular, UW
Katherine Turk Cognitive/Dementia Boston University


Class of 2014

Michah Brasseur                Neurophysiology, OHSU
Erica Byrd Movement Disorder, UCSF
Elizabeth Cahill Cerebrovascular, UCSF
Jenna Kanter Headache/Pain, UW
Krista Kawaguchi         Neurophysiology, UW
Maxwell Ma Neurophysiology, U San Diego

Class of 2013

Katelan Longfellow             Movement Disorders, UW
Ilene Ruhoy Neuromuscular, UW
Ali Sultan-Qurraie Cerebrovascular, UW
Ugur Yilmaz Neurophysiology, UW
Teddy Youn Neuro-critical Care, Yale
Ning Zhong Neurophysiology, UCLA

Class of 2012

Marie Davis                        Movement Disorders, UW
John Jefferson Neurophysiology, UCLA
Elham Rezvanian Sleep, UW
Conor Sheehy Sleep, OHSU

Class of 2011

Tara Benkers                     Neuro-Oncology, Massachusetts General
Bonnie Keung Neuro-Opthalmology, University of Utah
Tom Lombardi Neurophysiology, UCLA
Gloria von Geldern Neuro-Immunology, NIH

Class of 2010

Arielle Davis                      Cerebrovascular, UW
Megan Donohue Cerebrovascular, UW
Sara Schepp Research Training in Neurology & Cerebrovascular, UW
Dinah Theyerlei Neurophysiology, UW
Mike Previti Cerebrovascular, UW