Residency Program

Neuropsychology Rotation Information

neuropsych 2This rotation is designed to provide exposure to the methods and application of clinical neuropsychology, with particular focus on training in bedside cognitive evaluation and when to refer for comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation. Patients will be drawn from our typical patient population, and will include patients on an inpatient monitoring unit with epilepsy and nonepileptic behavioral events, as well as outpatients with a variety of presenting neurological disorders (e.g., Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus, Parkinson’s disease, dementia). By the end of the rotation, the resident will have a basic understanding of neuropsychological methods and how to utilize this service in their clinical work. Residents will also be trained in the administration and interpretation of selected bedside neuropsychological measures.

This rotation would ideally involve a one month commitment. The schedule can be flexible, although the resident will be expected to participate in a core set of experiences (see below) during the rotation. Supervision will be provided on an ongoing basis by two licensed and board certified clinical neuropsychologists, one of whom will be mutually designated as the resident’s primary supervisor.


Core Experiences

  • Observe a Wada procedure
  • Observe/participate in an interview, testing session, and discussion of test interpretation on at least one patient
  • Complete assigned readings
  • Complete training in test administration (administer and score selected tests on at least one patient and discuss interpretation)
  • Observe an interview with each of the following patient groups and discuss test interpretation:
    • Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
    • Pre-surgical Deep Brain Stimulation
    • Pre-surgical epilepsy
    • Psychogenic non-epileptic events
  • Informal presentation on a neuropsychology topic of interest
    The Neurology resident may also have an opportunity to contribute to ongoing research projects or pursue more original work as interest and time allows.


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    Phone: (206) 744-4402