Peter Anthony Chiarelli, M.D.

Portrait of Peter Chiarelli, M.D.
Job Title
Acting Instructor
Senior Fellow

Dr. Chiarelli graduated from our residency program in June, 2017 and is currently our Pediatric Senior Fellow at Seattle Children's Hospital.

Research Interests

Neuroimaging, Functional MRI Molecular Self-Assembly; Nanophotonics Neural Tissue Scaffold Engineering.

Personal Interests

Military aviation, motorcycles, beach volleyball.


Medical School

Harvard University, MD, 2010

Contact Information



    Journal Publications

    • Sham JG, Kievit FM, Grierson JR, Chiarelli PA, Miyaoka RS, Zhang M, Yeung RS, Minoshima S, Park JO. Glypican-3-targeting F(ab')2 for 89Zr PET of hepatocellular carcinoma. J Nucl Med. 2014;55(12):2032-7. PMID:25359880 PMC: 4259878
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