Research Labs

Crane Lab at a presentation
The Crane Lab is pursuing therapies that use the immune system to wipe out brain tumors, without the devastating and often lifelong side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.
brain wave patterns
Raimondo D’Ambrosio, PhD, is Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery. His research focuses on mechanisms and treatments of epilepsy.
Zhang Lab members under a cherry tree
The Ellenbogen/Zhang lab's research is geared toward developing materials and devices for biological and medical applications.
Carolina Da Silva Parada at work in the Ferreira Lab
The Ferreira lab focuses on the exome sequencing of growth hormone secreting adenomas as a discovery set.
Drs. Hevner, Ramirez and Hodge
Dr. Hevner's research focuses on genetic mechanisms of brain development, with particular interest in relation between embryonic and adult neurogenesis in transcription factor expression.