Research Labs

Dr. Kalume in his lab
The Kalume Laboratory investigates the mechanisms that drive epilepsy and related conditions, with the goal of making discoveries that lead to improved treatments for affected children and adults.
Picture of brain imaging headset
The Mourad Lab's active areas of research and development involve the medical applications of physics. The primary focus is ultrasound and recently, near-IR and terahertz radiation.
Chizuru Kinoshita at work
Dr. Morrison's research focuses on molecular biology of neuronal cell death, proteomics and glial tumorgenesis.
Image of brain scans
The GRID Lab is interested in using electrocorticography (ECoG) to answer basic neuroscience questions as well as to develop tools for clinical and rehabilitative applications.
Lab worker in Ramirez lab
Dr. Ramirez studies neural mechanisms involved in the generation of respiratory rhythms, neocortical activity, and epilepsy.