New Geographies of Feminist Art: China, Asia, and the World

Chin-tao Wu

Chin-tao Wu specializes in contemporary art and culture, and has contributed to the New Left Review, the New Statesman, Third Text, and the Journal of Visual CultureHer recent articles include, Biennials without borders? (2009), YBA Saatchi? – from Shark Sensation to Pastoral Painting (2010) and Scars and Faultlines: The Art of Doris Salcedo (2011). Her book, Privatising Culture: Corporate Art Intervention since the 1980s, published by Verso in 2002, has been translated into Turkish (2005), Portuguese (2006), and Spanish (2007), with a Mandarin Chinese edition scheduled for 2013, and a Slovenian edition presently under discussion. Recently she has been working on two projects: one examines the rise of biennials in the past two decades, and the other considers the mobility of woman artists, either those leaving their ‘third- world’ home countries or those who regard themselves as nomadic, and the mechanisms at work as they attempt to gain recognition in Western art institutions. She is currently Associate Research Fellow at the Academia Sinica in Taiwan and an Honorary Research Fellow of University College London. 

Wu is a speaker in the Panel: Art Worlds.

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