New Geographies of Feminist Art: China, Asia, and the World

Curators’ Roundtable: Structures

Tabaimo, teleco-soup, video installation, 5’ 27” loop, Japanese pavilion, Venice Biennale, 2011, photo: Sonal Khullar.

Massive economic and ideological shifts in Asia over the last decades have impacted relations between city and country, between women and men, and between public and private sectors. Social structures are being transformed by rapid industrialization, the transnational outsourcing of labor in a global commodity chain, and the gendering of certain sectors of work. This roundtable of curators and culture industry specialists asks how feminist art addresses these changing structures and how gender matters in institutional struggles over representation in galleries, auction houses, museums, and public spaces.

Ingrid Dudek
Christie’s New York and Hong Kong

Binghui Huangfu
University of New South Wales, Sydney

Maud Lavin
School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Catharina Manchanda
Seattle Art Museum

Katherine Hacker
University of British Columbia

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