New Geographies of Feminist Art: China, Asia, and the World

Nalini Malani: At Home in the World

Susan Bean

Nalini Malani, Remembering Mad Meg, 2008, video shadow play, two single channel animations, A series of lights and eight rotating reverse painted Lexan cylinders sound, 3 minutes, from Malani’s website.

The experience of women – real, mythological, and fictitious – is at the heart of Nalini Malani’s art practice. From her early work in oil and watercolor to her incorporation of video and multi-media installation, she has probed the feminine to reveal the inner realities of women’s lives, and much more ambitiously, to illuminate the darker sides of human civilization – power and persecution, ferocious fantasies and violent realities, conquest and exploitation. This presentation explores her work to articulate its aesthetic aims and to situate her practice in the intersecting art worlds of her home country, India, and an increasingly complex global circulation of exhibitions, art fairs, and biennales in which her multimedia installations regularly appear.